Kiwi obesity rates set to rise dramatically

Kiwi obesity rates set to rise dramatically

New figures predict the number of severely obese Kiwis will increase by around 50 percent over the next decade.

The World Obesity Federation estimates that if current trends continue, 2.7 billion adults globally will be overweight by 2025 - up from 2 billion in 2014.

And New Zealand weighs in among the heaviest nations - the number of people suffering severe obesity is set to rise by more than 100,000 over the next 10 years, from 222,000 to 326,000.

The World Obesity Federation says the health epidemic is unsustainable and is calling on governments to take urgent action.

It's calling for taxes and subsidies to make healthier food cheaper and unhealthy food more expensive, as well as restrictions on advertising junk food to children.

The Ministry of Health has been working on a plan to combat obesity which is currently due before Cabinet.

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