Kiwi weight-loss blogger shows off new body

  • 03/10/2015
Simone Anderson (Instagram)
Simone Anderson (Instagram)

Kiwi weight-loss blogger Simone Anderson Pretscherer, 24, who made headlines for dropping almost 90 kilograms in less than a year, has shown off her new body following surgery to remove her excess skin.

The nine-hour surgery was performed last week in the United States.

Ms Anderson went from 168kg to 83kg in just 11 months, and brushed off accusations of faking her story on social media by posting pictures of her sagging skin.

She has now appeared on model Tyra Banks' TV show, FABLife, to reveal her new body, just six days after the transformation.

"I'm a little bit tender, but not too sore at all," she told the show. "I had a fantastic surgeon."


She says she "knew that there was no going back" once she started documenting her weight-loss story online.

"For me I knew if I made it a public journey and put myself online, then I would be kept accountable. I knew that if I put my weight and my measurements and a photo of me literally half naked online for the world to see, that there was no turning back.

"I could have no bad days, no bad weeks – that was it."

She says the change has not only made her look better, but feel better. Before the weight loss, she had trouble with small tasks such as taking out the rubbish.

"Within a few months I had inspired thousands of other girls and other men around the world to start their weight-loss journeys, and when I got to my goal weight, that photo went viral," Ms Anderson told the Daily Mail Online.

She says she is now waiting for summer, when she'll be fully recovered and will "definitely be in a bikini".

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