Selfie-related injuries on the rise

Selfie-related injuries on the rise

With the rise of the selfie has come the rise of the selfie-related injury.

ACC has revealed a large number of Kiwis have been caught up in cellphone and camera-related incidents, costing the taxpayer more than $900,000 in claims.

Prime Minister John Key does it, US President Barack Obama does it, and so do some of our favourite celebrities. But taking a selfie has become more and more risky.

Death-defying selfie images and videos spread quickly online – the bigger the risk, the bigger the exposure.

New Zealander Jamie Lamb fell victim to the extreme selfie while snorkelling in Fiji.

"I thought I'd take a video and take some stills from it later. I didn't quite look behind me and I misjudged how close I was to the coral behind me and swam right into it."

The jagged coral sliced his shoulder open.

"I got into the boat, and everyone is looking at me going, 'Where is all that blood coming from?' And I had blood streaming all down my back."

Figures released by ACC show there have been four selfie-related claims in the past two years, and more than 1000 camera and cellphone-related claims since 2013. But while Kiwis appear relatively safe on paper, it's thought many injuries could go unreported.

Overseas more than 12 people have died this year from selfie-related incidents, sparking the launch in Russia of a safe selfie campaign.

But in New Zealand experts believe there's no need for anything like that just yet. Hopefully that means more Kodak moments without consequence.

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