Snapchat helps kids eat healthy

Snapchat helps kids eat healthy

It can be hard at the best of times to get teens to eat their greens.

These school holidays Just Cook New Zealand and 5+ a Day have taken to Snapchat to see if they can get more young people drinking green smoothies and helping out at meal times.

"Each day this week we're going to send out a different challenge looking at fruit and vegetables to try and get it more interesting for kids to add more fruit and vegetables to their diet and meet their 5+ a day," says New Zealand Nutrition Foundation's Sarah Hanrahan.

Ms Hanrahan believes this is the first time Snapchat has been used in a public health campaign, and she says it's an important social media experiment to get teens eating well.

"If we can start it when they're younger that's a good step toward lifelong health."

There's an incentive for all this good health – movie tickets, Prezzy cards and a $250 cash prize. That's got the kids interested, but they say they'd do it anyway. They love food and their phones that much.

Just add JustCook NZ on Snapchat and you're in business.

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