Beads that claim to aid teething caught out

  • 06/11/2015

A jewellery company that claimed its bead necklaces could help teething babies has been caught out by the consumer watchdog.

Online retailer Baa Baa Beads has been given a warning from the Commerce Commission after it was unable to prove its amber bracelets and necklaces actually had therapeutic benefits.

The company had stated "amber warms and releases the oil that helps soothes and relieves symptoms" because it contained low levels of "succinic acid".

But the Commerce Commission said it wasn't impressed when it asked the company to substantiate claims about the product being useful for teething babies.

"There was a lack of independent and credible scientific evidence to substantiate the claims made about the health benefits of Baltic amber products," commissioner Anna Rawlings said.

"We expect representations about the therapeutic benefits of products to be supported by credible and reliable scientific or medical evidence."

The company has since taken down the claims on its website.