Kid tracking technology unveiled by Air NZ

  • 25/11/2015
Kid tracking technology unveiled by Air NZ

Air New Zealand is offering a new service where it'll equip children with special bands that track and update parents on their whereabouts when flying on their own.

The Airband - a wristband embedded with a chip that is scanned at key stages of the journey to trigger text message updates to up to five contacts - was unveiled by the airline today.

"We know that having your child travel on their own can be a nervous time for both children and their guardians," Air New Zealand customer experience manager Carrie Hurihanganui said.

"We identified that there was an opportunity to enhance the experience for kids while at the same time giving caregivers further peace of mind and visibility of their journey."

The airline said the Airband is a world-first.

All children between five and 11 will receive an Airband when travelling on their own but kids up to 16-years-old can also opt in.

The service will be free until February 3 before it starts charging $15 per child each way on domestic journeys or $40 per kid one way on international trips.