Spanish toy store against gender roles

(Toy Planet)
(Toy Planet)

A Spanish toy company is gaining attention with its unusual marketing campaign. In its Christmas catalogue, boys are pictured pushing prams and girls are playing with tools.

Doing away with gender stereotyping has been a hot topic lately, and Toy Planet is right on board. This is the second year they are advertising its Christmas range of toys as unisex.

The initiative has received mostly positive feedback so far, and Toy Planet's general director Ignacio Gaspar says he would like to see other toy manufacturers joining them.

"This is still an unresolved matter in the industry. They've congratulated us a lot, but the support has been more about attitude than about behaviour," Gaspar says.

In the UK, a campaign called Let Toys Be Toys is asking the toy industry "to stop limiting children's imaginations and interests by promoting some toys as only suitable for girls and others only for boys".

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