Berry boss 'devastated' over Hep A contamination

Berry boss 'devastated' over Hep A contamination

The company at the centre of a Hepatitis A scare has issued a voluntary recall of further frozen berries.

Nelson-based FSL has had its products linked to four recent cases of Hepatitis and more products may be taken off the shelves.

Fitness fanatic Sera Lilly has been eating Fruzio Frozen berries for their health benefit and she's shocked to hear they might not be so healthy after all.

Ms Lilly has been feeling unwell for weeks and says some of her symptoms could have suggested Hepatitis A. Four people across the North Island have contracted Hepatitis A recently - three were hospitalised.

They all ate Fruzio branded berries.

Mike Glover, owner and director of FSL Foods, says he and the company are "gutted" with the findings.

"We're devastated and we're gutted. Last night there were a lot of tears."

Mr Glover says they've been selling Fruzio berries for seven years without incident and have no idea how this situation occurred.

As a precaution, Mr Glover's voluntarily recalled Fruzio frozen blackberries and strawberries too. They were all grown in China in the same area linked to a Hepatitis A outbreak in Australia this year.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says it hasn't ruled out more products being involved either, and it is working with the Ministry of Health to make sure it is notified quickly.

The advice for anyone with the Fruzio frozen mixed berries at home is to throw them away, and while MPI's investigation continues - any imported frozen berries should be boiled.

For those who have eaten the Fruzio berries - the advice is to look out for early symptoms of Hepatitis A which may include fatigue, a loss of appetite and other flu-like symptoms.

Health experts around the country have been briefed and are there to answer any questions.

However, for those Fruzio consumers like Ms Lilly who have been feeling unwell, it's wise to get checked.

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