Cheap sunglasses may be as good as designer ones – study

  • 22/12/2015
Cheap sunglasses may be as good as designer ones – study

If you're looking to protect your peepers this summer, your $2-shop sunnies may be just as good as those designer shades, consumer advocates say.

New research from Consumer NZ has found that of 60 sunglasses they tested - ranging in price from everything from $2 to $275 - 12, or 20 percent, failed to meet New Zealand sunglasses standards.

But of those that failed, only half were from discount shops, Consumer NZ said.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin said it didn't have to cost the Earth to protect your eyes - with 22 glasses under $20 coming in above standard.

"These products provided good eye protection and met the requirements for sunglass construction so you should get reasonable wear out of them," she said.

She said people should also be wary of brands claiming to give UV400-level protection, because there was no accepted definition of UV400 and it was just market spin.

Eye surgeon Stephanie Watson said with exposure to the sun being a key trigger of cataracts - the most source cause of blindness for people over 40 - it was important to be vigilant.

"Sunglasses and a hat should really be mandatory for eye protection when in bright sunlight for any length of time," she said.