Ebola check for Sierra Leone lifted

  • 09/12/2015
Ebola check for Sierra Leone lifted

Additional screening for New Zealand travellers returning from Sierra Leone have been lifted after the country was declared Ebola-free.

The Ministry of Health along with New Zealand Customs implemented additional border screening following the Ebola outbreak in August 2014 to prevent the disease spreading.

Sierra Leone has since been declared Ebola-free following 42 days without a new case.

Ministry of Health acting director of public health Dr Stewart Jessamine said 167 people arriving in New Zealand have visited an Ebola-affect country in the past 30 days.

"The Ministry of Health is continuing to monitor the situation in West Africa, where Guinea is now the only country yet to be declared free of Ebola transmission," he said today.

"Additional border screening will remain in place for travellers who have recently been in Guinea, until it has been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization."