Study: Frozen 'poo transplants' as effective as fresh

Study: Frozen 'poo transplants' as effective as fresh

The idea may be a little uneasy to stomach, but for many suffering with recurrent gut infections it can be a life changer.

Poo transplants are a cutting-edge treatment for C. difficile infection, done simply by transplanting the normal faeces of one person into the other.

Researchers in the US and Canada have now found that frozen poo transplants are as effective as fresh, making treatments cheaper and more convenient.

Our gut is filled with good and bad microbes, and the purpose of a poo transplant is to introduce more of the healthy microbes so that our digestive system works properly.

If you haven't caught up with the process, it's pretty simple. A sample of healthy poo is mixed up and into a slurry (or poothie) and then injected into the patient's rectum.

The latest study of more than 200 patients showed that more than 70 percent of them saw their diarrhoea clear up after receiving either a fresh or frozen faecal transplantation via enema.

Scientists say frozen poo transplants have a number of logistical advantages, as they are cheaper and can be stored and made immediate available as needed, but it was previously unclear how they compared to the fresh variety.

While there's evidence of some people carrying out home DIY transplants, microbiologists recommend only having the procedure under medical supervision to ensure what's being transferred is safe.

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