Another possible measles case after SkyCity incident

Another possible measles case after SkyCity incident

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) says it is looking into another possible case of measles after a man who refused to be quarantined went to SkyCity, and exposed hundreds to the illness.

The infected man visited SkyCity Casino on February 9, along with Sugar Tree Apartments on Union St between February 9  and 13.

He arrived in the country from China on January 30 after having been infected by a passenger he was seated two rows behind during his China Southern flight.

This morning, Auckland Medical Officer of Health, Dr Richard Hoskins told Newshub they are investigating one other possible case related to the man, and are waiting on lab results.

It takes 10 days after contact with an infected person to show symptoms of measles, and today marks that deadline.

If the patient tests positive, it'll be the first connected case to the Sky City incident. According to Dr Hoskins, if that is the case, the ARPHS will take a normal public health response -- isolating the person while they are still contagious, tracing contacts and getting those susceptible into quarantine.

Yesterday, Dr Hoskins said the infected man had been told to go into quarantine but ignored the instruction. He says health authorities had no idea the man wouldn’t comply and by the time they realised, it was too late.

People who are feeling unwell and were at SkyCity Casino and Sugar Tree Apartments should seek medical attention immediately.