Baby the weight of soda can defies odds

  • 13/02/2016

They say there is nothing that quite compares to a mother's love, and Megan Smith of North Carolina, United States will vouch for that.

She gave birth to one of the smallest babies the world has seen, and despite being told by doctors the odds were weighted heavily against her child, she never gave up.

Ms Smith went into labour at just 26 weeks, meaning her daughter, E'layah Faith, came out severely premature.

Weighing in at around 283g and measuring around 25.4cm, E'layah was about the weight of a soda can when she first entered the world.

Now, according to, the tiny infant has left the Levine Children's Hospital to live with her mum and dad at home.

It's all thanks to a special diet created just for E'layah, and a team of 24 doctors and nurses who looked after her.

Chief medical officer Dr Andrew Herman told the online magazine E'layah defied all odds in getting out of hospital.

"A lot of babies at that size, we can't even get them out of the delivery room, but she was incredibly vigorous and active."

Dr Herman admits the battle is not completely won. Cerebral palsy is a possibility still and learning difficulties could also come to light as she grows.

Ms Smith is just happy to finally have her family all together for the first time.

"It's wonderful. I've longed for this moment for so long. I wasn't sure we would ever get home! She's adapting pretty well, she's looking around trying to figure out her surroundings. She's very alert," she told