Finding out your cancer risk a hard-fought battle

Finding out your cancer risk a hard-fought battle

If you could find out whether you are likely to get cancer, and this is an 80 or 90 percent likelihood, would you want to know?

It turns out there is a test which can tell you but New Zealand is one of the hardest places in the world to get it.

The test searches for the BRCA gene. If you have it, you're in the firing line.

One Kiwi woman has been fighting for years to have the test done.

Anna's father died aged 39 of cancer, her uncle had had recurring cancer, her mother had a double mastectomy, her sister and auntie also had cancer.

So she decided to get the tested but she had a fight on her hands.

The gene hit the headlines in 2013 when actor Angelina Jolie revealed she had a double mastectomy by choice to prevent the breast cancer that killed her mum.

Jolie carries a BRCA one gene which greatly increases her chances of ovarian and breast cancer.

Story went to meet Anna who believes the threshold for testing for the BRCA gene needs to be lowered to allow more people to be eligible to find out if they're at risk.

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