Is being drunk becoming uncool?

Is being drunk becoming uncool?

New research reveals the drinking attitudes and habits of young Kiwis, and it turn out being drunk isn't a good look.

A survey of 18- to 29- year olds found 54 percent were turned off by drunken people and 19 percent said they actually stayed sober to impress someone they liked.

While 82 percent say they try to limit their alcohol intake, nearly half admitted to having their night ruined by a drunk mate.

And keeping up appearance on social media appears to be a big driver, with one in three saying they'd suffered 'social shaming' caused by embarrassing drunken photos.

The research was carried out on behalf of Heineken as part of its moderate drinking ad campaign, in which the hero turns down another beer.

"This study shows moderation is becoming an active choice for an image-conscious generation of Kiwis who want to stay in control on nights out and find drunkenness a general turn-off", says DB New Zealand's Director of Marketing, Maud Meijboom.

But Alcohol Healthwatch says it's classic alcohol industry tactics.

"In reality, 34 percent of this group is drinking at hazardous levels, " says director Rebecca Williams, "it's just another deceitful and unscrupulous attempt at profiteering off harmful drinking".