Laurel's top tips for new mums going back to work

  • 11/02/2016
Laurel McLay (Paul Henry)
Laurel McLay (Paul Henry)

How do you ease your way back into the workforce after having a baby?

Career expert Laurel McLay joined Paul Henry to talk about how new parents should navigate the work force.

“37 percent of women do go back to work within the first year after having a baby.”

She says one of the issues women face is having to take time out when they are not only at their prime for earning potential but they are the most valuable to an employer.

“When we do return to work, invariably our self-confidence takes a big drop.”

Ms McLay has five top tips:

Know your value to your employer. Be confident about how much you are needed.

Be clear on your boundaries. Don’t’ try and do everything.

Be prepared to take a pay drop.

Use your support network.

Know there may be resentment, learn to handle it.