Push for rapid response to Zika virus

  • 10/02/2016
Chris Clarke (Paul Henry)
Chris Clarke (Paul Henry)

The Zika virus is currently in 26 countries, primarily in Central and South America.

It has been linked with more than 4000 babies in Brazil being born with deformities and more than a million people infected with the disease in Brazil alone.

World Vision New Zealand’s chief executive Chris Clarke joined Paul Henry to discuss the disease.

The World Health Organization estimates as many as four million people could be infected by the end of the year.

So far seven people in Tonga have been confirmed as having Zika virus, and there are a further 542 suspected cases.

Three of the suspected cases are pregnant women.

Foreign minister Murray McCully said officials were investigating how NZ could best assist.

There have been 13 cases of Zika virus in New Zealand this year.

Meanwhile the WHO has been criticized by the UN who say they’re in need of “urgent reform” following their response to Ebola so viruses such as Zika don’t cost thousands of lives.

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