Schools challenged to ditch sugary drinks

West Spreydon School principal Marriene Langton (Thomas Mead / Newshub.)
West Spreydon School principal Marriene Langton (Thomas Mead / Newshub.)

Water water everywhere, so let's all have a drink -- that's the mantra one Christchurch school has taken to heart, ditching sugary drinks and declaring itself a water-only school. It is also challenging other schools to do the same.

From today, the Ministries of Health and Education are encouraging schools across the country to adopt the policy as well.

To mark the occasion, West Spreydon School principal Marriene Langton was soaked with buckets and drink bottles filled with water by her pupils.

Ms Langton says the school has had the policy in place for almost a decade and has tried to take the habit from the classroom to the home.

"We have a real focus on healthy eating and healthy living in our school and water is by far the healthiest option. There is no need for juice, fizzy or sugary drinks in schools and we encourage our students to drink water at home as well."

Healthy Families Spreydon-Heathcote manager Tracey Tuhi says the group will be talking to all 26 schools in its ward about the benefits of having a water-only policy.

"Ultimately, the more schools that go water-only, the healthier our communities will be."


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