Are those most affected by drugs being heard?

Are those most affected by drugs being heard?

It has been touted time and time again that Kiwis are among the biggest recreational drug users in the world.

Much of the Western world is moving towards decriminalisation or legalisation of drugs and policy makers in New Zealand are discussing how our country should keep up.

But when it comes to drug use, are those affected most being heard by drug policy makers?

Story has the exclusive first look at a new campaign being launched today which encourages more conversations around drug use and the effect on families and friends.

Well-known New Zealanders including musician Tiki Taane and Blindspott's Marcus Powell open up in the campaign about their experiences. They talk about the result of their addictions and implications of their behaviour when using drugs like methamphetamine.

Story also looks at a brand new study which suggests if young people have one person in their life who cares, they could avoid a life of drug abuse all together.

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