Extra $20M for post-quake mental health

  • 21/03/2016
Jonathan Coleman (Simon Wong)
Jonathan Coleman (Simon Wong)

Canterbury is being given an extra $20 million to help people cope with post-earthquake mental health issues.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says there will be an extra 27 mental health workers as well as increased funding for programmes such as Telehealth and Workforce Wellbeing.

The money will be spread over the next three years.

"This package recognises the increased demand on Canterbury's mental health services since the earthquakes," Dr Coleman said today.

"International evidence shows that psycho-social recovery after a major disaster can take five to 10 years.

"Most people will recover over time with the support of their families and communities, however some people will require more targeted interventions."

Dr Coleman says the Government is also discussing with Christchurch City Council the establishment of a fund to support community-led psycho-social wellbeing and resilience.

In addition to the $20M package, the Ministry of Health will extend the All Right? campaign for a further three years from 2016/17.

The campaign is designed to help Cantabrians think about their mental health and ways they can improve it.