Probiotics probably pointless for healthy people

Probiotics probably pointless for healthy people

There's probably no point in taking probiotics if you're feeling healthy, new research suggests.

While manufacturers claim probiotic foods can help with digestion, after looking at seven previous studies scientists at University of Copenhagen have concluded there's no evidence to back that up.

"No convincing evidence exists for consistent effects of examined probiotics on fecal microbiota composition in healthy adults, despite probiotic products being consumed to a large extent by the general population," says co-author Nadja Buus Kristensen, PhD student.

Only one of the seven studies found a significant difference in the gut bacteria of healthy individuals consuming probiotic food, including biscuits, milk-based drinks, sachets and capsules.

"While there is some evidence from previous reviews that probiotic interventions may benefit those with disease-associated imbalances of the gut microbiota, there is little evidence of an effect in healthy individuals," says Prof Oluf Pedersen.