App tells you blood donation not in vain


A new app will notify blood donors when their blood's been used to help save a life.

It's been launched to mark World Blood Donor Day on June 14th and the New Zealand Blood Service says it puts the power to save lives in the palm of the users' hand.

App tells you blood donation not in vain

As well as being able to book appointments and find the nearest donation point, donors that download the app will also receive a special notification when their blood has been used to help save a life.

New Zealand Blood Service spokesperson Asuka Burge says it's never been easier to find a time and place to make a blood donation.

"When developing the app it was very important for us to include features that would help ensure our donors continued to feel valued and to remind them what a wonderful gift they are giving," she says.

"Donors could be at home, on the bus to work or just supermarket shopping and they will receive a 'thank you'.

"We hope it goes some way to remind our donors what a wonderful difference they are making to someone else's life."

Last year 110,000 New Zealanders donated over 160,000 units of blood, helping save 42,000 lives.


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