Parents face dangerous consequences for cellphone distraction


Most people seem to be addicted to their smartphones these days.

Now a British study has shown parents being distracted on their phones could have dangerous consequences.

"It takes just 15 to 20 seconds for a toddler to lose consciousness if they get tangled up in a blind cord, and that could be the amount of time that you're replying to a text," says study author Katrina Phillips.

It may just be a few seconds looking away; a minor lapse in concentration while you check.

But it's that few seconds that Ms Phillips has found could be very dangerous.

And parents Newshub spoke to said they're guilty of letting their phone get in the way.

"Especially when they're at that sub-three age we're acutely aware of it, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that we do get distracted," one parent says.

"When you hear the phone go off you just always want to check it," another says.

Overall, two-thirds of parents admit to being distracted by their phone.

The study showed almost 80 percent of parents checked texts on their phones as soon as they got them.

Twenty-four percent said their children had had an accident or near miss while they've been using their phones.

But some parents say even if it is risky, they won't change their behaviour.

"These days everything is pretty much on your phone, we don't use laptops or desktops all we use are phones," one parent told Newshub.

But even though your phone might be an essential part of your life, it might be safer for your kids if you put it aside every now and then.