Davis highlights case of mentally ill man

  • 20/08/2016
Labour MP Kelvin Davis (Simon Wong)
Labour MP Kelvin Davis (Simon Wong)

Labour MP Kelvin Davis has gone public about his role in helping a mentally ill man and argues it shows a need for better services.

"I stopped a guy from killing himself last night," Mr Davis posted on his Facebook page.

He says the man, whom he knows, texted him from Dunedin to say "he's had enough. He's going to end it".

Mr Davis said he stopped on the side of the road and talked to the man for an hour.

After a stand-off and confrontation police took the man to accident and emergency services where he got medical treatment for the harm he did to himself.

But there was no treatment for "his actual problem", and he was given a taxi chit to get home where he had no power, heat or food.

He says the man is a hard worker and he has complex issues.

Mental health services "must do their job regardless" of how complex needs are.

The post by Mr Davis has had about 9300 views and has been shared more than 200 times. Many people commenting cited funding as an issue.

* Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline's 24-hour telephone counselling service on 0800 543 354.