Govt surgical mesh response falls short - campaigners

Govt surgical mesh response falls short - campaigners

The Government has announced it will consider creating a registry for the use of surgical mesh, following a Health Select Committee recommendation.

Dr Jonathan Coleman says he has "every sympathy for people who have experienced issues with surgical mesh products".

"The Government accepts the Committee's recommendations... Legislative work is underway on a new regime for all therapeutic products, which will include modernising medical device requirements."

The select committee recommended that the Government:

Mesh campaigners Charlotte Korte and Carmel Berry told Newshub they didn't think the recommendations went far enough.

"[Labour health spokesperson] Annette King has asked for a full inquiry and we believe that this is essential in order to address surgical mesh concerns appropriately.

"Although we are thankful that the minister has accepted these recommendations, we are looking for robust discussion to determine specific time frames and action points to be identified."

ACC Minister Nikki Kaye told Ms Korte and Ms Berry the cost of surgical mesh claims in the ten years to May 2015 was $7,752,000.

"We have recently undertaken some in depth research with mesh patients, we believe this will give a more accurate picture of what it is like for patients seeking help for surgical mesh complications," Ms Korte told Newshub.

They'll release the report in the coming days.

In June, New Zealand First called for the use of surgical mesh to be stopped, until it is proven to be safe.