Hate overcrowded gyms? So does everyone else

Hate overcrowded gyms? So does everyone else

The worst thing about going to the gym - apart from having to exercise, presumably - is that so many other people want to go.

That's the finding of a new Canstar Blue survey asking Kiwis about their gym likes and dislikes.

Fifty-one percent said not being able to use the gear they wanted because of other users was a problem at their gym. It was a bigger problem in Auckland than anywhere else, with millennials the most likely to complain.

The second-biggest pet hate was dirty changing rooms and showers, followed by the gym itself being untidy or smelly and having sweaty equipment.

"New Zealanders are saying that the equipment and facilities a gym offers is increasingly important to them," says Canstar general manager Jose George.

"It's the second-highest rated key driver of satisfaction. This is a significantly higher rating than last year."

Baby boomers had the biggest problem with people hogging equipment. Despite complaining the most about overcrowding, millennials had the least issue with gear-hoggers.

When asked why people joined the gym, the clear - and perhaps obvious - top answer was to get fit (46 percent).

Women's second-rated reason was to lose weight (38 percent), while men preferred to gain muscle (25 percent).

The average gym membership costs $58.77 a month. Baby boomers spend the most ($73.16 on average).

The highest-rated gym chain in terms of overall satisfaction was CityFitness, followed by Jetts and Snap Fitness.