Police's new drug stance 'a welcome move'

  • 28/08/2016

Anti-drug campaigners says the fact police are now wanting to provide prevention advice to methamphetamine users is a positive move towards getting rid of the drug.

It comes after drug bust in the Waitemata District yesterday targeted suppliers, and also identified hundreds of clients.

Police say they want to offer support to those people, and executive director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation, Ross Bell, says it shows a real change in culture.

"The Government's drug policy talks about New Zealand's drug problem being first and foremost a health issue, and an issue we should address with compassion, innovation and proportion," he explained.

"I think this is a welcome move from the police -they're saying that they have information about people who are buying drugs, and they want to give them some information around the risks of drug use and where they can go for help."

Mr Bell believes there is a real need for police to follow up and support people suffering from substance abuse - but warns it needs to be done well.

"As we understand it, they are talking to people like the Ministry of Health about the ways that police can approach people, the kinds of information and messages they can give," he said.

Five dealers were also arrested, all of whom will now appear before the North Shore District Court.