Aussie scientists may have found peanut allergy cure

Aussie scientists may have found peanut allergy cure

Australian scientists are confident they have found a solution to potentially deadly peanut allergies.

Under a new trial, children with the allergy are fed ground peanuts mixed with a probiotic to change their immune system.

According to scientists, 80 percent of children in the trial were able to tolerate peanuts by the end of the study.

Australian figures show three in every 100 Aussie kids suffer from a peanut allergy and only 20 percent of children outgrow their allergies.

A probiotic mixed with peanuts should alter the stomach's ability to accept the legume, preventing a reaction, scientists say.

"I expect that this treatment can be available broadly to all children in the future," professor Mimi Tang, from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, told local media.

The Sydney-based trial has another eight months to run.