Scalp removal after GP error

  • 20/06/2016
Scalp removal after GP error

A man had to have large parts of his scalp removed in seven surgeries after his GP failed to tell him about the results of a test.

The 46-year-old's family doctor has apologised after failing to tell the patient he need a follow-up for a lesion on his head that was likely keratoacanthoma, a type of cancer tumour.

The GP told the patient if he didn't hear anything following a test in 2013, "all was well", but then failed to contact the man despite the results saying a follow up was needed.

It was not until a year later the man saw a specialist and was told he needed urgent surgery, including having parts of his scalp removed down to the skull, skin grafts and seven separate surgeries.

The GP has since retired and the commissioner has recommended the medical centre audit patient records with abnormal test results.