Things you might not know about spring

Things you might not know about spring

After a cold and wet winter, you'll be happy to know spring is finally here. But there's much more to the season than just more flowers and warmer weather.

According to Facebook, spring is also the time when most people break up with their partners. That's based on research into thousands of user statuses, looking for the words "broken up" and "break-up".

British researchers have also found spring babies have higher rates of disorders such as anorexia later in life.

Other studies have found links to more schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

You may also notice birds are singing louder over the next couple of weeks. With more food around to sustain a family, they're singing for sex - literally.

They're often louder in the morning as well. This is because dawn is the first time of the day where birds have the opportunity to find a mate.