62yo mum: 'This is a dream come true'

  • 20/10/2016
62yo mum: 'This is a dream come true'

A 62-year-old Spanish woman who has just given birth to a healthy girl says more older women should follow her lead.

Lina Alvarez showed off her baby, also named Lina, outside the hospital in Lugo, northwest of Spain.

She told local media she was overwhelmed and that it was "impossible to be happier".

"I encourage (older women), I really do encourage them - if they have good health - to have a baby when they have a more advanced age," she said.

Baby Lina was born on October 10, after being bumped up a month due to Ms Alvarez suffering a high blood pressure problem.

Due to her age, the hospital kept her admitted for another seven days.

Ms Alvarez said it was a normal pregnancy and it's proof older women can still have healthy children if they look after themselves.

"There are many mothers who are wishing [to become pregnant] but don't because they are not well informed or they don't have enough courage," she said.

"But I do encourage them, and I gave them hope that they can fulfil their dreams because this is a dream come true."

The pregnancy has caused heated debate in Spain and prompted calls for a limit on the age at which women can have fertility treatment.