Anti-sugary drink logo re-designed after Coke complaint


Anti-sugar lobbyists are going back to the drawing board over their just released 'No Sugary Drinks' logo, following a complaint from Coca Cola.

Auckland University marketing lecturer Dr Bodo Lang says concerns were raised at sugar advocacy group FIZZ's symposium in Wellington on Tuesday.

He says Coca-Cola New Zealand was worried about the logo's similarity in appearance to a coke bottle.

Anti-sugary drink logo re-designed after Coke complaint

FIZZ will make changes to the logo they released on Tuesday because of similarities to Coke's logo

"Karen Thompson from Coke was there and she came down and basically had a chat to me and said 'look this is pretty close to our trademark and is there any chance of nudging it away from that particular look,' and I said 'look, we don't want to infringe anything,'" Mr Lang said.

"[We've] just nudged it a little bit away from that, so fundamentally the logo is exactly the same and it's really just a slight change to the shape of the bottle in the logo and we've agreed with that."

Coca-Cola New Zealand says it's happy with the changes.

"Coca-Cola New Zealand is pleased to be advised that the FIZZ group is amending its logo design to avoid any confusion."

FIZZ created the 'no sugary drinks' logo as part of its campaign for a 'sugary drink-free' New Zealand by the year 2025.

They want it to be used by schools, organisations and events to show that they don't supply drinks with added sugar.