Hospital hip fracture care lacking

  • 13/09/2016
Hospital hip fracture care lacking

New Zealand hospitals are being urged to lift their game when it comes to adopting uniform standards of quality and care for hip fracture patients.

Only four of 23 hospitals could provide the authors of a report enough data for the Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry to gain an overview of the current state of play.

There was more detail from Australian hospitals, with 21 of 98 providing adequate data, but the report says there is considerable room for improvement in the care of hip fracture patients in hospitals.

"The timing of surgery, management of pain and post-operative care were areas that were highlighted as needing improvement," said Professor Jacqui Close, co-chair of the registry.

The report says there was considerable variation between hospitals in hip fracture care.

It aims to use data to improve care for those who have had a hip fracture and help ensure the best possible outcomes for them.

"Lives can be dramatically improved by applying best practice principles through timely, co-ordinated care that considers the ongoing needs of each patient," says Prof Close.