NZ cancer researcher becomes his own subject

  • 06/11/2016
Peter Archer (Facebook)
Peter Archer (Facebook)

An alternative cancer researcher who has been diagnosed with lung cancer is calling for help after doctors told him his tumour isn't treatable.

Peter Archer, a medical anthropology masters student, has turned to his research and trials of natural remedies and the ketagenic diet to try and beat it.

But without any Government support, he says importing them comes at a financial cost.

"I'm taking a range of things like turmeric, dandelion root," he says.

"There's an Indian herb called moringa, and neem, which is another green powder from India. I've run completely out of money. I've spent extra on all these remedies."

Mr Archer was about to start interviewing terminal cancer patients who cured themselves by changing their diets when he was diagnosed.

"[The ketagenic diet] involves attempting to lower your blood glucose level to starve the cancer of sugar and glucose," he says.

"Within a week or two of changing my diet, pain in my right lung is gone."

He says it's still early days but other symptoms have also gone away.

He can't have surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy because of a kidney problem.