Gifts for babies in neonatal units

  • 25/12/2016

Families with a baby in a neonatal unit on Christmas Day are receiving a special package.

The Neonatal Trust has organised Neonatal Secret Santa to brighten the day for families.

"We set up a special donation page where people could contribute to this initiative and also leave a personal note that was hand-written along with others to go into the pack," says Justine Brooker, operations executive from trust.

There will likely be 16 babies born premature in New Zealand on Christmas Day. A number more will need specialist care as a result of health issues and complications.

They will join the hundreds of other babies already in a neonatal unit receiving specialist care. There are 355 incubators and cots in neonatal units across New Zealand.

Babies are classified as premature if they are born before 37 weeks' gestation. A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.