Angry mums blast Nivea over sunscreen failure

child with second degree burns after using Nivea sunblock
The blisters on two-year-old Carter's face (Supplied)

There are calls for two Nivea sunscreens to be recalled after holidaymakers across New Zealand and Australia were left burned and blistered.

One child has suffered second-degree burns, and in a second case a "fuming" mother is calling on New World supermarkets to stop selling what she says is a faulty product.

Paraparaumu woman Mikayla Brown went swimming with her two-year-old son on holiday in Brisbane, applying Nivea 50+ Sunscreen Spray multiple times throughout the day.

Her son Carter has been left with second-degree burns and blisters on his face and ears.

"We saw that he started burning up about 1pm on Sunday and I thought I would smother him in sunblock and that just didn't work at all.

"When he woke up the next day I thought he had got into some kind of gel and put it all over his face… then I touched it and he said 'ow mummy' and I realised it was a big blister."

Toddler's sunburn blisters
Carter's mum says the blisters worsened throughout the day (Supplied).

Another Wellington woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, is on holiday in the south pacific where her and her family were "fried" in the sun.

They were using Nivea's Sun Protect & Moisture 50+.

"I am so cautious about sun and sunscreen and had total confidence in Nivea for the last 25 years," the woman told Newshub.

"[I applied the sunscreen] 30 minutes before swimming and snorkelled twice… then mostly in the shade of an umbrella.

"I did not dry off, or rub my back and it was fried. One arm and thigh also was burnt, with a small amount of exposure whilst under the umbrella."

She believes it may be Nivea's "improved formula" that is causing issues.

Toddler left with sunburn, blisters after using Nivea sunblock
Ms Brown says she hates to think how bad the blisters would be if she didn't apply aloe vera gel straight away (Supplied).

Consumers in Australia are also being burned while using the protect and moisture product.

On an online product review platform people are also suspecting the new formula is to blame.

"I have always used this product however I purchased new bottles on the 27th December and used the sunscreen on my two boys.

"After a half hour swim they both looked to be horridly burnt. By the next morning their little faces where blistered!" wrote one woman.

Several reviews in the last week echoed those comments, with many saying they will never use the product again.

"This product should be recalled immediately!! I have emailed Nivea with my concerns and will wait for their reply. I applied sunscreen liberally and as directed, reapplying. I was only in the sun for a small amount of time and was burnt to a crisp!" wrote Steph.

Both women Newshub spoke to have serious concerns for others using the products.

"I have contacted Nivea, and have major concerns for others, especially children… I am also annoyed because we are on holiday and now will need a rash shirt on for four or five days post-burn and a high-backed top at other times," the Wellington woman told Newshub.

Nivea products sold in New Zealand and Australia are specific to the Australiasian market.

Nivea recommends one teaspoon of sunblock to be applied to each limb as well as several teaspoons to the torso and face.

The company says its products are rigourously tested and have passed the Australian and New Zealand standard. It also says it will be following up with those affected.

If you have had a similar experience, please contact Shannon Redstall on