How many drinks is too many when you have kids?

Could you go for a year without beer? Fifty-two weeks without wine? Twelve months without moonshine?

A Kiwi yoga teacher and mum is trying to get Kiwis to do exactly that - or at the very least, consider whether their daily drink is really worth it.

"All I want people to do is think about why they're drinking," Claire Robbie told The AM Show on Monday.

"If anything becomes a mindless habit without thinking - anything, really - if you're doing it mindlessly, can become an issue."

Robbie decided to go teetotal for 2017, and has started the campaign 'No Beers? Who Cares!'

"Life is stressful, and life is busy, and we now associate that glass of wine at the end of the day as a way we can relax," Ms Robbie said.

"It is a trick. You're not actually releasing the stress out of your body. You're not releasing the adrenaline, you're not releasing the cortisol, you're just sort of masking symptoms of stress."

Parents know all too well the stress of completing a day at work, then having to deal with children - and many like to unwind with a drink at the end of the day.

The AM Show co-host Mark Richardson admitted he's one of them.

"It's only one, unless it's Friday night and I go clubbing. I hope my kids look at that and go, 'Here's Dad - he drinks and he enjoys alcohol, but he enjoys it for the flavour, for the taste, and it's just one'."

If denied his nightly tipple, Richardson said he'd probably just replace it with something else.

Ms Robbie had some suggestions: exercise, a massage, a hot bath, deep breathing and meditation.

Perhaps not entirely realistic suggestions for many time-poor parents, but she wants people at the very least to consider other methods of de-stressing.

"It's absolutely okay to drink in front of your kids, I'm not a Debbie-downer," she insisted. "But when one drink becomes a few, it does fog things and you're not present with your child."

So, how many is too many?

"I don't think it's how many. It's looking at the reason why you're drinking."

More details about No Beers? Who Cares! are available on Ms Robbie's website.