Staff sex breaks proposed by Swedish politician

  • 23/02/2017
Woman on laptop

Workers in a small town in northern Sweden could get more productive after a councillor's proposal for staff 'sex breaks'.

The idea of one-hour paid breaks for workers to go home and get intimate is aimed at improving Swedish couples' relationships, local politician Per-Erik Muskos says.

"There are studies that show sex is healthy," he told AFP news agency.

Couples aren't spending enough time with each other in today's busy world, he says.

He did point out there was no way to prove workers would take the opportunity to jump in the sack, but says they should be trusted with the break.

"You can't guarantee that a worker doesn't go out for a walk instead," he told AFP.

Swedish employees have an envied work-life balance. After Finland and France, they work the fewest hours, compared with the rest of Europe. In 2015, they worked an average of 1685 hours per year.