Adele's balloons almost kill Australian mother

A mother of three says she almost died after suffering an allergic reaction to latex balloons at an Adele concert in Australia.

Now there are calls for organisers to rethink any plans for a balloon release when she comes to Auckland.

It made for a spectacular display at the Adelaide Oval, when hundreds of giant balloons were released into the crowd.

But what was fun for some, turned out to be a terrifying ordeal for Pooja Newman.

"Felt my lips swelling and couldn't breathe - I knew I was in trouble," she said.

Ms Newman says the latex balloons sent her into anaphylactic shock. She jabbed herself with three epi-pens, but they didn't work.

So her sister called an ambulance.

"We waited and waited for this ambulance just to get her, and it took forever, we could have lost her," says Preeya Adams.

In a statement, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority told Newshub: "The medical incident was responded to in accordance with our normal procedures in exemplary fashion. We cannot comment any further on this confidential medical matter."

Ms Newman was rushed to hospital, where she's been recovering in intensive care.

Anaphylaxis from latex is uncommon but there are concerns about the remainder of the tour.

Adele is due to perform three concerts here at Mount Smart Stadium next week. 

"Now it's been identified as a hazard, I would like the organisers to rethink any plans to release balloons here," says Allergy New Zealand CEO Penny Jorgensen.

"Or at least advertise it to let concertgoers who may have an allergy to latex know, so they can get a refund."

Promoter LiveNation has not responded to a request for comment.