Delivery company bringing cigarettes, alcohol to Aucklanders' doors

Booze, smokes and fast food could be delivered to Aucklanders' doorsteps within one hour of order, a business promises.

But delivery company On the Rocks Now has caused some controversy after adding fast food including McDonald's, alcohol and cigarettes to its offerings.

Managing director Joseph Chacko says they're responding to repeated customer requests and it's within the law.

"If it's morally bad, government should ban cigarettes, as long as they're giving a chance to deliver, I can't see anything morally against that," he told The AM Show on Wednesday.

The company's licence allows it to deliver alcohol from 7am, but Mr Chacko says most customers make orders in the afternoon.

He says the customers ordering tobacco are mostly in rest homes or have limited mobility.

"We're not promoting cigarettes... We are mainly a platform for liquor delivery."

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) says it doesn't want home delivery companies to make it easier for people to purchase tobacco.

Mr Chacko says they have steps to make sure only adults can purchase the goods, including the delivery person checking customers' ID cards at the door.

In 2015 a similar service in Wellington was shut down after it was labelled irresponsible by health professionals.

Quenched delivered alcohol and snacks to customers in central Wellington with a $5 delivery charge.

National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman claimed at the time that the service targeted heavy drinkers.