Dude-food gone so wrong - the internet's worst cooks

  • 10/03/2017
"Maybee curry"
User bushmillsNb*tches calls this a "maybee curry" (Reddit)

Men have gone online to brag about the worst meals they've ever cooked - and the sight of some of them could easily slaughter your appetite.

On web forum Reddit the food threads can be crawling with feasts, but the weird side of the internet will always prevail - especially in the drunkencookery and shittyfoodporn sections.

The dude-food is a mess to say the least, many of them asking how they could possibly be single after posting their feral meals. It's probably self-explanatory, but plenty of them are blaming the drink for the food's outcome. 

"Cheesy taco soup"

It's all kinds of hell, with meals like pasta and goodness knows what else in a pot, titled "cheesy taco soup". But when you're that hungry, anything substantial will do right? The poster wouldn't take credit for this one, and you can't blame him. 

Icy chicken

Food too hot? Chuck some ice in it. 


The original poster of this oozing meatloaf takes no responsibility for creating it. He blamed his mate, but it's triggering gag reflexes everywhere. 

"Spam fried rice"

Meat's expensive, sure, but ever considered putting canned spam in your fried rice? Charles_Grodin did. 

None of these meals are worthy of a Masterchef title, or even a "foodporn" hashtag on Instagram, but they are certainly something to look at.