Perfumed products making us sick, new study claims

  • 07/03/2017

Fragranced products are everywhere. Over 98 percent of the public are exposed to fragranced products on a daily or weekly basis - and they could be bad for us.

They can be found in everything from perfume to air fresheners, candles to household cleaners.

University of Melbourne professor Anne Steinemann warns they are making us sick.

"These health effects can be very serious, immediate, and disabling - such as asthma attacks, seizures, unconsciousness, dizziness, respiratory problems, migraine headaches, as well as things like rashes," she told RadioLIVE's Alison Mau.

"I'm especially concerned about involuntary exposure. For instance a sixth of the population in Australia gets sick from air fresheners."

Ms Steinemann says that there isn't any effective regulation over the labelling of these products, so consumers need to be careful.

"Choose products without a fragrance or even better, there are some products you don't even need. People think that air fresheners clean the air - but they actually don't," she says.

"They harm air quality rather than help air quality."