RHA: Rural health pressure risks economy

  • 19/03/2017
RHA: Rural health pressure risks economy

Regional tourism and agriculture contribute millions to the New Zealand economy, yet the Rural Health Alliance says Kiwis in rural areas aren't reaping the benefits.

They say the country is at risk of damaging the economy unless rural health services are improved.

RHA chief executive Michelle Thompson has met with politicians in the hope of making better health in rural areas an election issue.

"New Zealand's main producers live in the country and they are the economic backbone and financial heartland of our nation," she said.

"So it matters vitally to all New Zealanders that rural people have good health services and good health outcomes."

The alliance wants access to timely transfers for emergency services, social and technical connectivity in rural areas and more research into rural health.

Ms Thompson said making rural communities vibrant again would solve many of New Zealand's issues.