Auckland typhoid cases rise

The number of typhoid cases in Auckland has risen to 16, with two more patients suspected to have the illness.

A dozen of those affected are still in hospital, though some have been discharged.

The illness has already claimed the life of one woman, and led to criticism of Auckland Regional Public Health Service's (ARPHS) handling of the outbreak.

Family spokesperson Jerome Mika says none of the family knew their loved one had typhoid until a media release was put out by ARPHS on Tuesday - after her funeral and a week after her death.

He told the AM Show on Wednesday the organisation's communication was "poor" and left the family feeling angry and searching for answers.

ARPHS says all the cases are linked to one church community.

It is thought it was brought back from a trip to the Pacific Islands.

ARPHS says typhoid is only spread by eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with faeces or urine from a person who has the illness, or who may be a carrier of the bacteria.