Aussie women ageing 20 times faster than American women - report

  • 11/04/2017
a close up of an old hand next to a young hand
Aussie women are aging faster than those around the world (Getty)

A new report shows Aussie women are ageing quicker than Canadian, UK, or US women.

The research from the Australasian Journal of Dermatology, shows that women from Australia are losing volume in their faces up to 20 years earlier than others around the world.

The study blamed high UV levels which put Australians at particular risk of photoageing, especially when combined with a "traditionally outdoor, sun-seeking lifestyle and a predominately fair-skinned population".

After surveying almost 1500 women, researchers found that Australian women said they had more changes, especially more severe wrinkles and changes to the shape of their face.

Australians were also more likely to say they had moderate to severe ageing across all features a decade or two before US women were.

The researchers surveyed almost 1500 women, asking them to compare their features to photos showing different stages of ageing for different parts of their face.

"Australian women showed significantly greater severity and higher rates of change for tear troughs and nasolabial folds than women from all other countries" said scientist Greg Goodman.

New Zealand women didn't participate in the study, but as we face similar UV levels, we can assume New Zealanders might have similar results.