Long way to go for autistic care - Autism NZ

Autistic child
Autism NZ says an 18-month waiting list for diagnosis is far too long (Getty)

Concerns are being raised over the quality of systems put in place to help autistic children.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, but despite improving levels of awareness, those on the front line believe there's a long way to go.

Autism New Zealand CEO Dane Dougan says an 18-month waiting list for diagnosis is far too long.

"It's just not acceptable, because all the research suggests the earlier you get a diagnosis, the earlier we and other organisations can start supporting that person and that family, the better chance that child has to go on to live to their full potential."

Mr Dougan says a specialised organisation needs to be established to support families with autistic children.

"One of the key traits of autism is creating that consistent environment. The system as it sits now just doesn't really do that."

A controversial anti-vaccination film is set to screen in Auckland on Sunday, at an as-yet unknown location.


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