Pro-life and pro-choice groups protest at Wellington Hospital

  • 09/04/2017

Pro-choice and pro-life protesters stood side-by-side outside Wellington Hospital on Sunday trying to get their opposing views on the controversial topic heard.

Members of Family Life International have spent the past 40 days outside the hospital, singing hymns and praying. The group claims peaceful vigils held worldwide have saved tens of thousands of lives.

On the final day of their protest, a pro-choice group organised a counter-demonstration, calling on the Government to change what they call New Zealand's archaic abortion laws.

"Women shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get a necessary medical procedure," protester Megan Johnston said.

She said their protest wasn't meant to engage with the other group, but simply to provide a "counter point to the public".

Members of Family Life International declined to comment when approached by Newshub on Sunday. Further attempts have been made to contact the group.