AM Show's Amanda Gillies won't give up on having kids

  • 10/05/2017

The AM Show host Amanda Gillies says she hasn't given up on having kids.

Gillies made headlines on Tuesday when she tearfully opened up on-air, saying she had probably left having children too late.

"I'm now 40 and it's probably not a happening thing, and it's heartbreaking, because as a woman, you do feel like a failure."

"I waited, I shouldn't have, and so I say to [younger people]: 'Career you can always come back to, children you can't."

After dozens of messages of support after Tuesday's show, she and co-host Duncan Garner discussed the topic again.

"Can I say from the bottom of my heart thank you for sharing your stories. Some of them were heartbreaking but some of them were beautiful miracles," Gillies said.

Garner said a couple wrote to the show saying it took them 11 tries with IVF before they finally conceived.

"Don't give up, that's the message," he told Gillies - who replied "it is, and I won't".


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