Australian woman plans to livestream childbirth

  • 29/05/2017
Adele Barbardo (Instagram)
Adele Barbardo (Instagram)

A Melbourne woman is planning to utilise social media to take her mummy blogging to the next level, by livestreaming the birth of her second child.

Adele Barbaro says she wants to show people labour isn't like in the movies.

"I hope it will give a great insight into childbirth for those that are expecting soon or maybe even their partners too," she wrote on Instagram.

Ms Barbaro said with her firstborn, Harvey, she had everything planned out - a relaxing water birth.

But it all fell apart when she needed an emergency caesarean.

She's hoping with her daughter, it will show people you can't plan for what will happen.

 "Although I know what I would like with her delivery, I have an open mind. Who knows what will happen!"

The baby is due in July and Ms Barbaro's husband Paul will be helping her share the birth, working with the livestream as well as sharing photos and updates.

She's already received a fair amount of negative feedback since sharing her plans, but Ms Barbaro is taking a lighter look at things.

"... Apparently the baby may be coming out with a GoPro on its head!" she joked.