Clothes on or off - it hardly matters, new study finds

Skimpy bra woman
If someone think you're hot, their biological urges kick in regardless (Getty)

Want to catch the eye of that sexy thing on the dancefloor? You can keep your clothes on.

A new study has found it doesn't matter if you're covered up or wearing nothing at all - if someone think you're hot, their biological urges kick in regardless.

Scientists at the University of Kent showed photographic portraits of porn stars of both sexes to heterosexual men and women. In some photos the adult film actors were clothed, in others they were naked.

They found participants eyes dilated equally when shown members of the opposite sex, whether the porn star was dressed or not.

"Dilation occurred during the viewing of opposite-sex people, but were comparable for naked and dressed targets," the study, published in the Royal Society journal Open Science, reads.

"These findings indicate that pupillary responses provide a sex-specific measure, but are not sensitive to sexually explicit content."

Where men and women looked (Open Science)
Where men and women looked (Open Science)

Pupils dilated more for porn stars the participant found attractive. For men, it didn't matter if the photograph showed the women naked or clothed; while women responded slightly more to naked men than clothed.

Eye-tracking software showed both men and women spent more time looking at others' naughty bits when they were on display, rather than covered.

The authors noted more obvious signs of arousal are linked to nudity, but this latest research proves it doesn't take much to get members of either sex going.

A previous study at the University of Leeds found 40 percent was the perfect amount of skin for women to have on display if they wanted to attract men's attention.